Signature de Chanel


CHANEL presents “Signature de Saphir”, the first High Jewellery collection entirely dedicated to the quilted pattern. Inspired by the legendary quilted bag matelassé leather, the cult model "2.55", today the quilted pattern became an essential element in Chanel’s creative world. The most important piece of this amazing collection is the necklace in 18K white gold set with diamonds and a cushion-cut sapphire, absolutely to wear, as it used to, not behind, but back, on a graceful backless dress back. A real masterpiece of craftsmanship and pure beauty. Absolutely remarkable are also the elegant earrings, the exquisite bracelet, the refined ring and the amazing watch. Every piece of this collection is realized in  18K white gold with diamonds and, of course, precious cushion-cut sapphires. The effect obtained more than talking about luxury, speaks to the heart with emotionally beauty.

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